Seeking Local Machine Shop

I’m putting together the alternator for my wind turbine and I need some metal parts I can’t fabricate here. They are shown below. Let me know if you know a small shop with a lathe or water-jet rig that can produce these. I need two of these, one with a hole in the middle, one without. They are 14″ in diameter, and 3/8″ thick. The 1/2″ holes are 100mm apart, or 50mm from center. The hole in the middle is 2 1/2″ I can provide fully annotated CAD drawings of them if you wish.

rotor front rotor top rotor

Some Web Projects

I have a half-dozen or so web projects at the moment.

An ecommerce site I built on WordPress and WooCommerce:

Another WordPress site I built and manage:

And another WordPress site I manage as a volunteer and plan to make a little more fun very soon:

Odes to Quixote

This guy, Hugh Piggot, is all kinds of bad-ass. He is the Eddie Van Halen of wind-turbine design. A few years ago I started planning my escape from the grid, and I found this guy making windmills in his garage out of scrounged-up plywood, magnets and wire he ripped out of salvaged electric motors, and axle parts from the junkyard. He can afford to buy stuff for them now, so the designs have evolved a bit since then, but the idea is the same – you make it at home, therefore it is 100% accessible for repairs if necessary and it runs forever. Even the design is innovative. It produces more power in light winds, and folds up like a turtle in high-winds to protect itself. I bought his book of course, and I may post parts of it here later.



Wheat Crusher

What the hell is wheat anyway? Grass? That’s for cows and horses! I’ve eliminated wheat from my diet because it has not been fit for human consumption since the 80’s. I’m convinced I will live longer as a result as I am much healthier now. You say you don’t want to eat anything genetically modified but the results of wheat hybridization are much much worse. Anyway, I’m posting some links soon about gluten, wheat and why we should not eat it.

Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis (audio book)

Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis (e-book pdf)

Early Payoff Mortgage Calculator

I don’t believe anything the banks say about what I owe them. That’s why I wrote this neat little calculator as an extension of an Excel programming class I took. Microsoft has a neat little container to turn Excel files into web apps, so it was ready for web with a few formatting tweaks. Now it is possible to see what you owe those bloodsuckers on your house or car for any given month. Check it out here.

Hello world!

No surprises here – you already know my views of the world tend to be a bit pragmatic. I’m fascinated by the origins and uses of language, and I love all things organic and pure. Children are a wonderful mystery, as are honeybees, or anything with unfettered innocence. I’d like to extend my life, not shorten it, thus I avoid anything or anyone abusive or toxic. I love loud raucous music, the quiet of the forest, and extended periods of revelry with no dwindling of conciousness. I am awake, and a feeling human being.