Seeking Local Machine Shop

I’m putting together the alternator for my wind turbine and I need some metal parts I can’t fabricate here. They are shown below. Let me know if you know a small shop with a lathe or water-jet rig that can produce these. I need two of these, one with a hole in the middle, one without. They are 14″ in diameter, and 3/8″ thick. The 1/2″ holes are 100mm apart, or 50mm from center. The hole in the middle is 2 1/2″ I can provide fully annotated CAD drawings of them if you wish.

rotor front rotor top rotor

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    The folks out at JGS MachineWorks have an incredible shop out near Sumner in the middle of nowhere. They agreed to turn these for me at a very reasonable price. Thanks a bunch!!


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